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About us

About ThunderNoise

Our name is derived from the deafening roar that fills the air when athletes slam their weights to the ground in an intensely challenging crosstraining session. We capture the essence of that moment in every garment we create.

The Inspiration Behind ThunderNoise

We were born from the belief that fashion and sports can merge in astonishing ways. Inspired by the thunderous noise of effort and personal triumph in a crosstraining session, we combine the strength and audacity of this sport with the bold aesthetics of café racer culture, tattoos, and vintage design.

Our Mission

At ThunderNoise, our mission is to elevate your crosstraining sessions to the next level and make you feel bold and authentic while doing so. But we don't confine ourselves to the gym; our clothing is designed for everyday life. We believe that fashion should not be restrictive or boring. It should be an extension of your personality and a source of confidence at any time and place.

Our Unique Collection

Our collection blends the high-quality functionality required by crosstraining athletes with unique and daring designs inspired by the world of café racers, tattoos, and vintage aesthetics. From high-performance training wear to casual pieces with a retro flair, ThunderNoise has something for every crosstraining enthusiast and for all those who want to showcase their active spirit in their daily lives.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are aware of our impact on the planet and continually work to reduce our environmental footprint. We use sustainable materials whenever possible and seek innovative ways to produce our garments responsibly.

Join the ThunderNoise Revolution

ThunderNoise is more than just fashion; it is an expression of your passion and determination in every moment of your life. Join us on this exciting journey to transform fashion and display your active spirit.

Feel the Thunder⚡